Lucky101  Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge July 7, 2011Last year I was asked to foster a dog named Lucky.  He was left at a shelter after his elder owner passed away and her family didn't want him anymore.  When Lucky arrived it became clear that he had some health issues with his heart along with major hair loss.  Once he was checked by a vet, his prognosis was not very good.  There was a whole list of heath issues he was dealing with.  The vet gave him a prognosis of about 4 months.  We put him on heart support medication and joint supplements and he seemed to bounce back.  Despite all his health issues he was one of the happiest dogs I've fostered.  He was always the first to nudge me awake in the morning, the first to let me know it was time to eat and then he would continually nudge me in the back of the legs while I was preparing the food dishes.  He loved hanging over the back of the couch and watching out the window or out the front door.  Every once in awhile he would come over and rub his face on my leg just to remind me he was there and I am sure to say thank you for caring for him.  This weekend things went downhill for Lucky and I was forced to let him go.  Even though I have several others dogs in my house I miss him terribly.  There is a big void in my heart but I know he is now free of pain and I am happy that I was able to give him one very good year.  I only wish he had come to us five years earlier.  We could have done so much more for him.  He turned into a beautiful, happy dog.  Good-bye sweet boy.

Elaine Z.