Lucy [ADOPTED JULY 11] is a senior Cocker who arrived at a shelter with what appears to be her life long companion Desi. Theirs is a sad story. These were obviously two much loved dogs. They were well taken care of although Lucy is quite overweight. The shelter made many phone calls trying to locate the owners of these dogs. When we took them into rescue we also called groomers in the area where they were found, but did not come up with even a clue about their background. Both dogs are housetrained and get along well with other dogs. They have fantastic temperaments. They walk well on a leash. In fact you might say they walk well on one leash. If you put a leash on Desi, Lucy will follow behind. We are looking for someone who has a big enough place in their heart to provide a home for both these senior citizens.

Update on Lucy: After taking Lucy to visit our veterinarian we find that she looks older because of her extreme overweight condition. She weighs 34 lbs. and she is not a big dog. Our vet aged her at no older than 6. It looks like Lucy just likes older men.