In Loving Memory of Luther021

I first met Luther in 2002, he was already in rescue. In fact he had been returned because he reportedly was food aggressive. A decision had been made to euthanize him because he had horrible allergies and ears that were nearly calcified from infection. I asked Carole Kohler who was the director of the rescue if I could try to help him. Together Luther and I learned the miraculous results a raw diet could have. Eventually the look of torment in his eyes went away. The constant scratching stopped and although the ear infections would be chronic because of years of neglect, Luther became a healthy dog who enjoyed life to the fullest. In 2003, he became a permanent member of my family.

He was my best buddy who accompanied me to the barn daily to take care of the horses. It was the high point of his life. He accepted his role as protector of the barn with great enthusiasm. Luther welcomed each new foster dog and was kind and gentle to everyone he met.

In September of 2007, Luther was diagnosed with liver cancer. I put him on a special homemade diet. Although his body was starting to show the ravages of the cancer, his spirit was strong and somehow he defied the odds and kept going. In the past week or so it became apparent that although his spirit was still strong he was losing the battle.

Today I had to make the decision to let Luther cross the bridge. He was the bravest dog I have ever known.

Elaine Baumann

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