cassie151aPassed over the Rainbows Bridge July 1, 2017

March 2016 I got another foster a little girl named Maddie. She was a beautiful reddish English cocker spaniel , so sweet and good the 3 other girls really liked her and she liked them , they would all snuggle together, so of course I adopted her . We had great walks and car rides . Six months later I noticed she was loosing alot of fur . I took her to the vet (the first of many time over 9 months ) lots of test, medications and a surgery. Two months ago it was determined she had cancer and so the watch began for any suffering and this week it started . Today I had to take Maddie for one more car ride to make the journey over the rainbow bridge . I am sure her 8 brothers and sister were there to greet her . Maddie was a wonderful  girl and she will be missed . Rest in peace my beautiful sweet girl you will always be in my heart , Love Mama 
Maddie Petersen 2006-July 1 2017


Maddie is a  10 year old cocker spaniel with a beautiful reddish coat .She weighs  25 pounds. Maddie is a very sweet girl ,she walks well on a leash and tells me when she has to go outside . She does not need to be crated and  rides well in the car . She gets along well with my other 3 cockers . Maddie has a wonderful temperment and will be a great companion