Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 7/28/2012

In the early part of 2010 I was asked to foster a little Cocker Spaniel named Marissa.  She only weighed around 16 pounds, walked with a distinct limp, had a bulging eye and was deaf.  She was black with a white muzzle.  Of course, Elaine B. knew that when she was placed in my home she would not leave.  I have a particular love for the older dogs with health issues.  Marissa was one of those.  So she never left my house.  She was only with me for a little over two years but I learned to love her because she was such a trooper.  She never let her disabilities get to her.  I eventually had to have her eye removed and she bounced back immediately.  Then I had to have a large growth removed from the back of her leg and again she just bounced back.  Her legs did give her a lot of problems but we went for a short walk every morning.  She would wait for her turn because she was always last to go but she wanted that walk.  Eventually, she could not go down the stairs and I had to carry her down but she would run up them with the other dogs.  I have never seen a little dog so determined to live normally as Marissa.  She was such a sweetheart and I will miss her greatly but she is no longer in pain and can run and play with Leah and all the other dogs that have gone before her.  I know she is in a better place wherever that may be.

Elaine Z.

Marissa [ADOPTED MARCH 8] is a senior girl who came to us when another rescue was suddenly unable to take her. Marissa originally came to this area from the south where she was tied to a post on the side of the road. She's a very nice dog and clearly was someone's princess at one time. For a southern belle she can really run across the snow! Marissa gets along well with other dogs (both large and small), and cats. Marissa really gets along well with everyone and has one of the best temperaments we've seen in rescue. She instantly claims the hearts of everyone she meets.

Marissa does have a cataract in one eye, however we took her to the opthamologist and they said it's nothing to worry about. Marissa is also deaf and walks with a limp which does not slow her down a bit. Marissa ALWAYS knows what is going on and doesn't think she has a disability. marissa091 She can still move as fast as any other dog and can sniff out treats faster than any other dog. She amazed her foster family by showing them that she can catch treats in the air!

Marissa loves to be around her people and will follow them anywhere. Don't overlook this girl just because you think she has a disability. She doesn't think so and once you meet her you will fall instantly in love with this precious little lady.

Update from Marissa's Foster Mom: Marissa gets along well with everyone. She is one of the sweetest little dogs and just goes with the flow. Most of her time is spent in my lap sleeping. If I tell her no she just finds a bed to sleep in. She's had very few accidents in the house but she does need to go out more frequently than the other dogs. She will go to the back door and wait for me to let her outside. If she is outside by herself and wants to come in, she will bark and let me know she is ready. When I am preparing their food and I am a little slow, she will give me one bark as if to tell me to hurry up. Otherwise, she sits patiently waiting. She does not play with toys but does enjoy treats. She deserves a loving home where she can spent the rest of her life. I do not walk Marissa because she has difficulty keeping up with the other dogs because of her arthritis. She seems content just to go outside in the yard.