Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 6/1222012

It's with a heavy heart that I am sharing with you that after 11 years, my dear friend Mayday (formerly Maya 01 - I'm guessing on the number it was in 2001 that she came to live with me) was laid to rest.  She was my constant companion through many challenges - both hers and mine and is deeply missed.
When she first came to stay with me she was full of energy and mischief - that's why her name became Mayday as she was always getting into some type of trouble.  At age 4 (ish) she developed glaucoma and lost one eye, then a cataract took the other one - blindness NEVER slowed her down one bit.  However the last month or so she began to slow down, lose weight (but ate anything and everything remotely edible), forgot all house training and struggled with arthritis, and had a very unpleasant aroma - despite many baths. 
My vet believes she had Cushings and given her age 13ish and condition indicated that treatment would not do her any favors.  So today she was put to rest and can now run and play and see again. I'm sure she's playing with Dottie (also from Shorewood, gone several years now).
Daisy (adopted Oct 2010) seems quite content to be an "only" and is loving the extra attention.  He and Mayday did get along, but never truly bonded - Daisy is very much a Queen and prefers when the world is all about her. 

Thank you Shorewood for all the wonderful things you do, the amazing volunteers and bringing these wonderful companions into my life.  Know that Mayday had a full life, was loved and will be missed by all - she made friends with Everyone that ever met her.


~ Myra

Maya [ADOPTED JULY 6] is a one year old black/white female who came from a shelter in Illinois. She has show breeding behind her, and is pretty and petite. She is in good weight. She is spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on all shots. She is good for grooming. More info as we get to know her.