Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 11/6/2020 - Adopted 4/9/2013 Periodically a dog comes into rescue who just seems too good to be true. That was the case with Mimi. She was surrendered by her owners to a large inner city shelter. The only reason given was that they could no longer take care of her. Immediately we found that she absolutely loved people, was great with our dogs and was totally housetrained. She walked nicely on a leash and came when she was called no matter how great the distance. She was an absolute doll at the groomers and stood nicely to have her nails clipped. After a few weeks in rescue we came to the conclusion that she was not too good to be true, she is that good. Mimi is just 3 years old. She is field coated so she will not require a lot of grooming

From her Family: Feb 2013 I emailed Elaine head of Shorewood cocker, All my rescues had been older and have been since then) but I was exhausted with the dying. Could she find me a young dog 2 weeks later she did, a beautiful buff 3 year old named Mimi and so her journey began with me (I didn't like Mimi (sounded like a poodle) I love old fashioned names so it would be Hannah She was sweet, liked lots of attention and her toys , she loved her brother and sisters . she loved her human sister Kim ,who nicknamed her cupcake , Hannah was so devoted to Kim and at night she would lay at the end of my bed for hours listening and watching for her to come home and when she did she would jump down tail wagging and run to greet her. The end of sept she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and on Oct 2 she had surgery, but they couldn't get it all . She was doing pretty well until a few days ago when we noticed her eye was funny and the cancer had spread and rapidly getting worse . Today Kim and I had to take our sweet ,beautiful girl to cross the rainbow bridge to be with her 11 brothers and sisters. Thank you for coming to live with me my beautiful sweet girl. I will always love you, Mama Hannah (Cupcake) Petersen 2010-2020