Miriam 131

miriam131Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge November 13, 2017

We adopted Miriam on 11/13/13.  Sadly, we had to let her go today, 11/13/17.  Maybe it was meant to be this way.  She helped us get through the loss of our beloved cockapoo.  Miriam was a truly wonderful dog, so loving and adaptable to all situations.  She enjoyed going camping with us and recently went on our longest trip yet - a whole month.

We are so grateful to Karen Allness who drove to Iowa to pick her up after she was left at a vet's office after hours.  We want to thank Shorewood for giving her a chance and for letting us adopt her.

Miriam truly rescued us more than we rescued her.  We are just devastated at her loss.

This is Miriam [Adopted 11/13/2013] who is a 10 year old female.  She came to us with a skin condition that needed some medical attention.  She is doing very well and will  be able to be adopted after her dental in May.  She is just a honey.  My vet told me on one of our visits that she was like a 90 year old grandma with red lipstick and high heels.. That does describe her to a tee.  She is house trained, knows how to sit and shake, and gets along with other dogs..  Who knows what her life was like before she was dropped off at a vet after hours, but she will make a great pet.