In Loving Memory of Mollybear

Adopted July 14, 2001
Went to Rainbow Bridge on August 3, 2008
Very cherished painting done of Mollybear. She was 9 years old at the time.

Many of us in rescue feel that once in your life you will have the good fortune of owning a very special dog. This dog is one of a kind and there will never be another like it. This dog is referred to as your heart dog. Mollybear is my heart dog.

I first met Bear when Carole Kohler asked me to do her placement visit. I will never forget the sight of this totally blind dog climbing two flights of stairs clutching her little stuffed turtle, her tail wagging all the way. The next morning, I received a call from the adopter. She had made the decision that she could not deal with a blind dog. I was in my car in 5 minutes. I knew that Mollybear was destined to be my dog.

Over the years Bear had many eye surgeries. We did manage to restore sight in one eye but she did have glaucoma and lost one of her eyes. I know there must have been pain associated with some of those surgeries; but Mollybear was always a trooper. No matter what was happening the little tail never stopped wagging.

She could be mischievous, but she was always gentle and loving. She was brave, loyal and intelligent. Mollybear was everything a Cocker should be!

I lost a piece of my heart today but I know I will see her again on the other side of the bridge.


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