Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 04/7/2021 - Mya [Adopted October 2015] is a beautiful 10 year old chocolate cocker who came into rescue when her owner passed away. She walks nicely on a leash and really enjoys her walks. She has plenty of energy and loves being outside. Since arriving she has lost a few needed pounds. Mya is housetrained and currently isn't crated while her foster parents are at work. She has been well behaved while her foster family is away. At night she sleeps in her dog bed on the bedroom floor next to the bed - although she would prefer a place on the bed with her new owner!

Mya enjoys sitting next to you on the couch but doesn't mind laying on the floor by herself if it's crowded. She loves attention and would enjoy being the only dog. She would do well with a less dominant dog too. She was very good for her grooming and likes to ride in the car.


From her people: I adopted beautiful 10 year old Mya in October 2015. She was such a sweet girl, enjoying her walks and sleeping either in bed with me or her dog bed in the bedroom. She had plenty of energy and loved exploring in the back yard. She was always by my side and enjoyed having a little sister when I adopted Tiffany (181) in October 2018. She was my very best friend! In December 2019, she was diagnosed with degenerative valve disease, kidney disease and gallbladder disease, but with the proper medication she continued to be her happy and energetic self at the age of 16. Recently I learned that she had a mass in her lung and she quickly declined. My sweet Mya is at peace now and lived a much loved life!