In Loving Memory of Nicholas

Nicholas was fostered by Betty and Pat Grogan and they got a note from his forever family saying that Nicholas was going to be put to sleep. He had developed a huge mass in his lung and was struggling to breathe.

The note below is from Betty:

He was a great dog and I was so happy that he went to such a good home. He accepted two babies into their family with the ease of what a cocker should be. He was such a great dog!

I've shed a few tears but I know that he lived the absolute best life and was loved as much as any dog could be.

From Nicholas' Forever Mom:

It ended up that Nicholas died last night in our bed! It was so surreal I totally don't believe it yet. It was easier to know that we were truly doing the right thing and he died in one of his happiest places and I was able to be there with him. Steve and I hugged and kissed him and made sure he was loved. Aidan wants to draw pictures of him to remember him always. Nolan was looking for his dishes tonight at supper and seeming all confused. The day has been bittersweet but we know he's chasing rabbits and eating all the chocolate chip cookies he wants :-)

We totally loved him and thank you so much for bringing him into our lives. We've reviewed his puppy album over and over the last couple of days. It's hard to believe it's only been 7 years but they've been wonderful years. He was still the mild mannered dog he was when we brought him home. He just didn't have much life left to him the last couple of days. He was really huffing and hard to watch him and we knew it was time to say goodbye. Aidan actually told me last night that Nicholas wanted to go to puppy heaven tomorrow - well golly he was right!

I was wondering how to get in touch with the rescue and let them know. Thanks for taking care of that. We will probably look them up when we are ready to take on another. We totally live by the rescue mission and want to find another wonderful dog in the future. Just not ready to think about that quite yet.

Michelle McClelland

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