Murphy (Noel021) Passed over the Rainbow Bridge September 1, 2012.

Murphy was our little boy from Heaven and Lynette was the angel from Shorewood who delivered him to us (Noel). That was 10 years ago and we enjoyed everyday with him. He'll never leave our hearts. He'll never leave our hearts. September first he died in my arms and returned to heaven.

Noel [ADOPTED MARCH 9] is a small, one to three year old, red, field coated male Cocker who is neutered, heartworm negative and current on his shots. He has a nice temperament and came to us from a shelter in Illinois. He is crate trained, and we are evaluating him for trustworthiness in the house. He is good with other dogs and will be a low maintenance dog as far as grooming goes. I think he will make someone a wonderful companion.

Update from his foster mom: "Noel seems to be housebroken. He needs to be supervised when playing with toys because he will attempt to chew out the squeaker if given the opportunity. He is not a barker except for the first 15 minutes that he's crated. He learned the verbal sit command and hand signal today. What a smartie!"

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