Passed over the Rainbows Bridge February 9, 2017

Oscar came into my life right after the death of my beloved Molly Bear.  He resembled her in color and size so of course I was attracted to him.  I soon found that color was the only similarity.  He was a dominate guy and insisted on ruling the house.  He immediately asserted his authority with every new dog.   I would have to say those were some trying times.  As he aged and became both deaf and blind he was forced to  mellow.  His moments of taking charge were becoming fewer and fewer.  His muzzle became totally white and the former tough guy became a little old man. In the last few days he lost his cognitive functions and I knew it was time to say good bye. Oscar even with all you cantankerous ways, I will miss you.

Oscar [ADOPTED JULY 16] is a 3-4 year old, chocolate merle who came to us from an inner city shelter. What a handsome boy he is! At first glance we did not notice that Oscar had something seriously wrong with one eye. He had a severe ulcer. We treated it while waiting for his appointment with the ophthalmologist. He was in tremendous pain but never once did he snap or growl. He was just a little trooper. He is extremely thin which leaves us to believe he had not had the best of care. The ophthalmologist could not save Oscar’s eye. The infection had gone all the way into the socket. The eye was removed so Oscar could be pain free. We soon learned that Oscar had a mischievous side and having one eye did not slow him down a bit. Oscar is housetrained.