Peggy 151

cassie151a Passed over the Rainbow Bridge December 24, 2015

Peggy came into rescue at the age of 11 after losing the only home she ever knew.  At first she had a great deal of trouble adjusting and there were those who thought she could never be adopted. She finally was placed in a foster home where she thrived.  Her foster mom learned to appreciate her quirky personality and felt that she would do great in the right home.  In early December we found that home.  Because the adopter was going on vacation it was decided that she would remain in her foster home for several more weeks.  During this period a dog came into rescue carrying a highly contagious bacterial infection.  Peggy fell victim to the infection.  On Christmas Eve Peggy lost the battle and crossed over the Bridge.  Rest in Pease sweet little girl.

Peggy is a 12 year old female who lost the only home she ever knew at the age of 11.  She was placed in a foster home with an extremely dominant dog and it just wasn't working.   As fate would happen she is now in the same foster home but has become very good at avoiding confrontation.

Peggy is not a dog for everyone but if you understand her she is a sweet little dog.  Peggy is a dog that needs a structured environment,. She knows that she is to go in her crate to sleep or to be fed and she willingly will do that.  She will not make a sound. She is on a schedule and eats and sleeps  at the same time each day.  If she is expected to remain in her crate while her owner is at home, she does not understand that and will be very vocal in her complaints.

Peggy has a nose for food which I have found is common in most cockers but has not stolen any food and eaten anything that was not offered to her. As I write this she is sleeping by my feet which to her must be dog heaven. She loves to be by her human but does not exhibit any protective behaviors when others either canine or human approach.

Peggy had one accident in her crate , the day I brought her home and has never had another. I do have a dog door which she uses   when needed.