Passed over the Rainbow Bridge November 11, 2016

Penny came into rescue from an animal control facility. I soon learned that  she would not be a good candidate for adoption so eleven years ago she became a permanent resident in my home.  Penny learned to tolerate me  but I will have to say that  had conditions.  She insisted that everything go her way and she quickly let me know that she preferred my groomer to me.  I guess the groomer had better treats.  Two years ago I found that Penny had liver disease.  Although the disease took a toll on her body and she had the emaciated look of a  dog with liver disease her spirit never  left her and she was a happy dog until her last day. On 11/11 Penny lost her fight and crossed the bridge.

Penny [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 02] is a 5 year old female who was surrendered to an Animal Control Facility that does not do adoptions. Her owner was giving her up due to a divorce and problems with the neighbor children. Penny is a petite Cocker who is extremely overweight. She will need a home with an experienced dog owner: preferably someone with Cocker experience. She does not do well with children and can be a bit of a bully with other dogs. She is a sweet little girl as long as she knows who is boss.