Passed over teh Rainbow Bridge October 2015

After 17 maybe 18 years Raymond made it across the Rainbow Bridge.  He has been declining physically the last year with an enormous fatty tumor on his abdomen and also losing mobility in his legs .  We have been lifting him in and out of the house because he wouldn’t use a ramp.  He was deaf for years  but learned to use sign language.  A horrendous cough that developed a week before prompted our decision to end his suffering.  He was a happy friendly dog and surely will be missed
Thank you Shorewood Cocker Rescue for giving us Raymond.

Raymond [ADOPTED MARCH 17, 2001] is a young, red male who is neutered and is up to date on shots. He is groomed and ready to go. He is great with other dogs, seems uninterested in cats. However, I would not trust him with a cat that would run from him. For that reason, I prefer to place him in a home without cats. He can spend hours in the play yard chasing rabbits and squirrels but unfortunately, he has no trouble outrunning, catching them and killing them. I am requiring a fenced yard for him for this reason, one that will keep rabbits and squirrels out if possible or else one in which they can easily get through the fence so they have at least a chance to escape. He has a strong hunting instinct. He is the last one to come to the door when the whole gang comes in. Many of our little house plants run out to go potty and then come up and sit on the deck right away but not Raymond. He runs and plays and seems to have the time of his life out side. Raymond loves EVERYONE and Everyone loves Raymond. He is housetrained and is a favorite at Shorewood.