In Loving Memory of Megan (Reba051)

I adopted Megan shortly after she was dumped at a shelter in the middle of the night in December and turned over to SCR. She came to me sick, frightened, and confused. That didn't last long. With the help of antibiotics, glucosamine, and LOTS of love and cuddling, she turned into a spitfire. She grew to trust, love, and cuddle, something I don't think she got much of from her previous owner. Unfortunately, she had an essentially untreatable skin condition, and eventually, she was no longer a happy dog, though she still showed me love and affection. She was put to sleep on 1/5/07. I had Megan for a year and a week. It's amazing how much love you can fit into a year.

I will always miss you, Megan, you stole my heart!


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