Reeses [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 15, 2003]  Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge June 6, 2011

We went to our first Shorewood Cocker Rescue event in September 2003.  We visited Horse & Hound (now Bark Market) in Delavan, Wisconsin.  We had corresponded several times with Elaine Baumann about the dogs available for adoption.  She suggested Reeses and he was brand new in rescue and not even on the website.  She made arrangements for Reeses to attend the event that day.  We arrived early and met some of the other cockers.  A wonderful volunteer (most likely Karen Allness) brought Reeses all the way from the LaCrosse, WI area.  Reeses walked through the front door happy to be at the event and ready to meet our family.  My husband fell in love with Reeses instantly since he reminded him of his childhood dog.  We are so thankful to SCR and also to Angie and Travis who delivered Reeses to our home the following Monday.  I remember the kids had a half day of school that day so we wanted to make sure that Reeses arrived in the afternoon on September 15, 2003.  Reeses was just getting ready to celebrate his 6th birthday on September 27th.

Over the next several years, Reeses enjoyed lots of parties and fun occasions.  He loved when we entertained and he could hang out with the guests.  He loved music and spent lots of time in his beautiful back yard.  In August of 2007, we adopted a friend for Reeses (Parker).  Reeses was so laid back and kind hearted they became best of friends very quickly.  When Reeses turned nine, the vet told us that he had a heart murmur, which got worst in the next couple years.  Two years ago, we found out that he had an enlarged heart (he really did have a big heart!) and we put him on medication.  Just recently, Reeses started coughing and then had a mishap on a walk with his friend, Melissa.  He collapsed and passed out for a short time (syncope episode).  During the next few days, he struggled with coughing, labored breathing, as well as difficulty with the stairs and any kind of exertion.  His heart was failing.  After a very long weekend with no improvement, things really went downhill by Monday.  Our sweet Reeses would not eat or drink, had difficulty moving, coughed and continued with labored breathing.  I realized when he wouldn’t eat or give kisses, he was telling me that he was ready to go to Rainbow Bridge.  I am so thankful we were all there with him (including Parker) to say goodbye to such a wonderful friend.  Parker misses his buddy terribly and there are no words to describe how much we miss Reeses.  He was so lucky to live such a long life (almost 14) with a heart murmur and enlarged heart.  And we were so lucky to have Reeses as part of our family.  Rest in peace Reeses (Peanut) – we miss you and love you so very much!!

Mom (Kathleen Henricks) and Ron Henricks
Shannon and Shawn
Parker J