Passed over the Rainbow Bridge July 2015

In April of 2008, Rosie came into my home as a new foster.  She was a chubby little red and white cocker that had been used as a backyard breeder for the first 8 years of her life.   As I got to know her, I began to understand why she was used for breeding.  She had the sweetest personality and got along with everyone.  Needless to say, she never left my house.  I never regretted my decision.  She has always been a very sweet little girl who loved meeting people.  As she got older, she slowed down but she was always up for a good walk. She loved car rides and would settle in nicely for our trips to Wisconsin.  She just turned 15 and cannot walk up and down the steps and does noty go for a walk because she has trouble breathing in this hot weather.  She is isolating herself from the rest of the dogs.  Several times I have found her splayed out on the floor unable to get up.  I know this is scary for her.  I realize that it is time for me to let her go and join the rest of the Zablotski gang over the Rainbow Bridge.  Goodbye sweet Rosie.  I will miss you a lot. 

Rosie [ADPOTED APRIL 21] came to us from a commercial breeder. She has spent her life raising puppies and it is now time for her to have a life of her own. She is a happy dog with a great temperament. She is starting to play with toys and catch up on all the fun she missed. She is overweight from lack of exercise but she is working on that. Her body shows the wear and tear from having many puppies but we feel she has many good years ahead of her. Rosie is 7 years old and she is housetrained.

Update from Rosie's Foster Mom: Rosie is an absolute delight. She is housetrained, crate trained and does very well with the other dogs. She does chase my cats. She listens when you call her and she is finding every toy in the house. She also has learned to play ball and bring it back. She is losing weight and has learned to walk well on a leash. After she is playing for awhile, she will put her paws on my lap for a hug. She likes to sleep right next to my chair during the day after she has placed all her toys in strategic places around the room. She will make someone a wonderful pet.