Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/22/2012

We lost our beloved Ruby06 AKA Ruby Tuesday (my son loves the sixties rock bands). She died suddenly of an apparent heart issue, laying in her favorite spot. I was able to be with her. In the 6 1/2 years we had her, that little tail rarely stopped wagging. She suffered through several health issues the last couple years, but overcame or adjusted to them. Every night she would lay on the floor by me while I worked on the computer. When she thought I should be done, she would stand up--that was her signal that it was time for her "cookie." Even though she could barely see, she followed me everywhere.  "Still, I'm gonna miss you...."

I think I know why Ruby "revived". In the book "Katie Up and Down the Hall", Glenn Plaskin was devastated when Katie died. Then he realized that all their life, your dog wants to make you happy. I think Ruby did not want my last memory of he to be collapsing on the cold, wet grass, but getting up, walking gracefully up the steps, laying down in her favorite spot, and passing to the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in her sleep.


Ruby [ADOPTED MARCH 18] is a 5-6 year old female who came to us from an animal control facility where she came in as a stray. She is such a cutie it is hard to understand why no one claimed her. Her coat was in good shape and except for the fact that she is a bit heavy she is in good shape. She could not have been homeless long. Ruby is housetrained and is O.K. with cats. She is a happy little girl who adores humans and has a reasonable activity level. She is a tiny Cocker who when at the proper weight should weigh about 20 pounds. Ruby has no interest in posing for pictures so catching her napping is the best we could do.