In Loving Memory of Rusty042

Rusty was my foster in March 2004, and became part of our family in June 2004 after he was considered unadoptable. Rusty was a gorgeous red color. When I first met him, he came over and sat by me on the front steps and gave me a hug, but his real personality soon surfaced. With my brother, Jeff, and me, Rusty was a big lover - he loved to give hugs and kisses, but he did not like strangers or kids, so we had to be very careful who he came into contact with. Rusty didnít play with toys much, but soon became very attached to some stuffed squirrels I had and would protect them from the other dogs. He soon started playing with other toys and could get very goofy when he was playing with them.

In the last couple of months that I had Rusty, he started to get more and more aggressive, even with me. He was barking and growling at everything, even when my brother would just look at him or when I was petting him, so on December 21, 2006, we finally decided that is was time to have Rusty put down.

Rusty, you were a big lover. I just wish you could have shown that side to everyone. We will miss you.


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