Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 4/24/2012

It was me that was the most hesitant to get a dog almost 6 years ago
You came into our lives and fit right in like it was meant to be
We took you everywhere we went, we were so proud
I am lucky to work from home and have you by my side
We knew you couldn’t be here forever but we weren’t sure what that meant or how it would work
By your reactions that early morning I knew you just wanted to be held
I felt your pain and your last breath
You will be forever in our hearts Sam
Rest in Peace


Hi, I'm Sam! [ADOPTED MAY 31] I get along just fine with the dogs in my foster home and think the female Cockers here are so pretty! I love to play with the ball, but don't always bring it back. I haven't told my foster Mom yet how I do with children or cats, but she can see that I don't pay much attention to the birds and squirrels in the yard. I know "sit", "stay", "down" and "come here." I have the typical eye (dry eyes) and ear problems of a lot of Cockers, but we are getting both of them under control and neither are very serious. I have no food "issues" and I don't mind if another dog or person comes near my bowl when I'm eating. If I do say so myself, my weight is just about perfect. But my hairdo is another story, I had to get clipped short, but it will grow back and I'll be the handsome reddish/buff dude with white markings on my chest, legs, and face again. New pictures will be taken when I look better.

I have a lot of energy for 7.5 years and would prefer to have someone home more. I would like to be kept in a crate when I'm left home alone. I am neutered, current on my vaccinations, and am heartworm negative.