In Loving Memory of Sandy

Sandy went to rainbow bridge June 30th, 2008.

In October 2006, I was given a little blond cocker to foster. She was in such bad shape that I didn't think she would live very long. After working to get her well I decided mine was the best home for her since she would have ongoing problems with her teeth and would require extensive dental work. That little blond cocker was Sandy 062. She was the sweetest dog, very quiet and lovable. Today I had to put her to sleep. She brought so much love and joy to me. While I was waiting for the vet to come in, I had my arms around Sandy and was just holding her. She looked up at me and touched her nose to my chin as if to say its okay and then layed down on the table. I knew at that point I was making the right decision for her. She was such a little trooper. I will miss her terribly.


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