In Loving Memory of Sandy

From email received June 17, 2010

My heart is broken with the loss of my beloved baby girl Sandy. I lost her to cancer on June 12, 2010 after almost 10 years with us. She was born on September 19, 1999 and came into our lives at 7 months old and instantly we had a special bond. She was found at a kill shelter in Chicago and the Shorewood Cocker rescue in Wisconsin heard about her and took her in. From there they played pony express and eventually arrived at our home in one of the suburbs of Chicago. I believe she was an abused dog because she was afraid of the hand and did not know how to play but would stay with me. Since the day she arrived, she had never left my side. Even on garbage night, she would wait for me to gather all the garbage and then we would take the garbage out together.

She was an extremely beautiful dog and could have been a show dog if it had not been for her tail. She had none and barely had a stub that maybe was ' long. She did not walk like a dog, but pranced with pride. With a lot of love, understanding and trust she got over her fears and loved to play with the soccer ball, tennis ball, tug of war, run on the beach and walks with her sister.

A couple of weeks prior to getting Sandy we got puppy Cockapoo and named her Buffy. Her and her sister loved playing in the sprinkler system just like two little kids in a swimming pool and the videos I have will give me great memories forever.

At 9 months old Sandy ate a poisoned mushroom and was dying. The only hope was to try acupuncture which we did and it saved her life. She then developed pancreatitis and survived that as well. She had tear duct problems and was on 3 types of medication a day for the rest of her life and it was under control.

When it was time for bed, she would jump on the bed and put her head on my chest and I would stroke her until we both went to sleep. What a great way to go to sleep! She then developed an ear growth in here right ear and we had to remove her ear canal and she became deaf in that ear. This past February she developed an ear infection in her only good ear and after trying several different types of medication they wanted to remove that ear as well. I refused and insisted on a second opinion which I am glad we did. Last week after months of medication and treatment the doctor told us that we had saved her ear and hearing.

She then developed a limp in her right leg and was treated with Rimadyl. The limp went away for a couple of weeks and then came back. X-rays showed no signs of bone cancer or arthritis and again was treated with Rimadyl. The limping went away but she could hardly make it around the block and her energy level was way down and she seemed to be depressed and showed signs of pain.

After some blood test and urine analysis it showed she had a kidney infection and was placed on antibiotics with pain medication. After 5 days she still was in pain and we rushed her to the emergency room and they gave her a sedative and pain medication. A follow up with my vet and an ultra sound showed nodules on her spleen. We went to the oncologist who did a biopsy and found that it had metastasized and she did not know the source of the cancer and the outlook was not good.

The best hope was to keep her comfortable with pain medication until the end. We gave her pain injections which did not help and finally put on a fentanyl patch. She did something that she had never done before; she went downstairs to be away from me. I think she wanted to be away from the pack to die. That destroyed me and I would not let that happen.

The pain medication and the fentanyl patch did not help and after sleeping with her on the floor Friday and hearing her moan in pain as she tried to get comfortable I promised her that not another night will go by with her being in so much pain. She will be greatly missed and it was my greatest pleasure and honor that she was a part of our life. God (dog backwards) sent her to us and I know she is waiting for me in heaven and is pain free.

I have had dogs ever since I was 3 years old more than 60 + years but I have never had a dog that bonded like Sandy and I. She was angelic!

This was a picture of us snoozing on the couch within days of her arrival.

Ed Goldin

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