In Loving Memory of Sasha

Sasha came into my life the day after Thanksgiving in 2001. I wasn’t expecting to get a dog that day, but received a call from Karen that night saying she was in Madison and wanted to bring a couple of dogs by for me to look at. Sasha was the dog I chose, even tho she snapped at me when I touched her front paw. I found out that Sasha wasn’t very trusting and I thought that maybe I had made a mistake in adopting her. Over the next year, she totally changed and became a big lover, very playful and very goofy. She became kind of prissy which is why I started calling her “Miss Sasha”, as you can see by her picture. Two years after I adopted her, I started fostering, and Sasha helped me “break in” the fosters and let them know she was in charge!

August of 2004, Sasha became very ill very quickly. I took her to the vet on Saturday and he thought that she may have hurt her back or neck because she seemed to hurt all over and was having trouble walking. He gave me pain meds, but they didn't seem to help. After not eating all weekend and getting seemingly worse, I took her back to the vet on Monday morning. I ended up having to carry her into the office as she just seemed worn out. The vet kept her and ran several tests on her. His conclusion was that she had a very rare Auto-immune disorder in which her body was attacking and killing her red bloods cells, so she was very anemic. The vet had put her on high doses of steroids to try to counter-act this, but he said that only 50%-60% of dogs pull thru. I called on Tuesday morning, and he said that she did seem a little better and that she ate a little breakfast. But on Wednesday when I called the vet, he told me that she probably wasn't going to survive, so I had to go in that afternoon and have her put down.

I have since learned that what Sasha died of is caused by immunizations, which Sasha had 3 days before becoming ill.

I love you Sasha. You were my sweetheart and I miss you very much.


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