In Loving Memory of Shadow041

From email received 7/23/2010

Six years ago yesterday, we adopted Shadow 041. He was a wonderful little guy who was so much fun to have in our home. He loved camping, going to the dog park and riding in the car and of course eating. He even had his own camping chair that would cause many people to stop and do a double take! We stayed in many hotels and was always such a good traveler. Shadow suffered with severe skin and eye issues all the while we had him. But it didn't keep him down. While on vacation in Phoenix AZ in March 2009 he had a seizure and by 6 weeks later he was totally blind. He learned to adapt and could still even get into trouble. His nose became very strong and he could sniff out food anywhere! In November 2009 he became a snowbird spending the winter in AZ. It took him a while to realize it was okay to take care of business in the rocks and sand as that is all there was. He developed a cough that turned out to be a tumor that grew rapidly in his lung. On March 20, 2010 we made the heartbreaking decision to end his pain. He could no longer sleep or lay comfortably and coughed so hard he would choke. We held him as they gave him the injection to end his suffering. Good by our little buddy, we miss you everyday, and will be forever in our hearts.

Thanks for all you do for this wonderful breed. We just adopted another black and white cocker this week from you. Mia 101 is a real joy to have in our life. We are loving the bonding process as we get to know her and her us!

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