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Passed over the Rainbow Bridge December 2015

From the moment we saw Sheila’s picture, we knew she was the one for us. She came to live with us in February 2008. It was cold outside but seeing her warmed our hearts.

She was a quiet little girl that didn’t care much for playing with toys. Her favorite activity was just laying in her bed in the living room with us. She came to us with dry eye that required daily medication. Eventually, she went almost completely blind but did not lose her lovable personality. In her later years, she was diagnosed with cushings disease. She required many trips to the vet but was a trooper for all of them. In the late summer of 2015, she was diagnosed as having kidney failure. She lost her battle with this in November.

Many thanks go out to SCR and their staff for letting this little girl enrich our lives for the last 7 years. Sheila will always be in our hearts and we will always remember our little “Baby Girl”.


Kevin & Kim Heidemann


Sheila [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 16] came to us from an inner city shelter. Poor little girl -- she was matted to the skin and her coat was soaked with urine She more than likely was a pet shop puppy purchased by someone who had absolutley no dog knowlege. She appears to be a dog who was fed an inferior grade of dog food. Sheila is overweight and came to us with ear infections and dry eye. She is 3-4 years old and has the the best years of her life ahead of her. She is now on a high quality dog food and her ears are doing nicely. She will need eye drops for the rest of her life.

Sheila is crate trained and housetrained. She is a quiet girl with a wonderful temperament.