In Loving Memory of Spencer081

Spencer was removed from our Adoptable's Page last week after he suffered a serious of strokes. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy!!

Email from Spencer's Foster Mom on October 21, 2008

Today at 10:30 am Spencer went on to the Rainbow Bridge. While waiting in the room, his eyes looked as though he seemed at peace. I donít know how fully he recovered from his stroke last week. He gave it a great try but some things did not come back for him. He was an amazing dog for the short time he was a part of our family. I just talked with the ownerís daughter last week and when I mentioned he had a fenced in yard to run in, she said he never had that before. He really looked forward to being back there with Sam and Max. You would often see him laying under a tree or in the sandbox taking an afternoon nap. Our family grew to love him as one of our own. We know he is at peace and will join his friend Cody who went to Rainbow Bridge two weeks ago (Cody is the brother to Sam, our dog, and was the beloved pet of my sister and her family).


The Photo above is from Spencer's Adoptables Bio and the following is his Adoptable's Bio.

Spencer is a 12-year-old, black and white male. He came to us when his owner of 10 years needed to go into a nursing home. She had gotten him from a rescue when he was 2 years old. Spencer is a very kind, older gentleman. He loves to go for rides and is excellent walking on a leash. He is hard of hearing but he does see well. He might not hear me call him, but when he sees me he comes right away. He does appear to be housetrained. He just needed a little time to get to know his surroundings. Spencer is one of the nicest dogs I have ever fostered and has adjusted very well to me and the other dogs in his foster home. However, he can not be placed in a home with cats.

Update from Spencer's Foster Mom: Spencer is settling in very nicely at our house. He loves to spend time in our backyard. The sandbox is the place you will always find him "he thinks he is at a beach resort". He gets along with our other two cockers very well. Sometimes, you donít even know he is here because he fits in so well. He is a very clever dog and will let you know if he doesnít like something. He does not like to be crated and has claimed our screened in porch as his "room". We recently went on vacation and while spending time with "Grandma and Grandpa", Spencer found his way to the neighbors car and tried to climb in with her. I guess he was ready to come home. He is very laid back and a joy to have in our home.