In Loving Memory of Taffy

I adopted Taffy on Mother's Day 2000 from Shorewood. I had recently lost another cocker and she was to be the new companion to our other cocker Taz, who was beside himself with grief, as well was his mommy.

Taffy immediately took ahold of our lives and our hearts. She was the sweetest, kindest girl you could have ever be so lucky to have come into your life. I still to this day wonder how someone could have abandon such a beautiful girl and at the age of 8. But their selfishness was my biggest gain. I had the privilege to have our Pooh Bear for 6 1/2 yrs. Didn't quite make it to the 15 y.o. mark. She had multiple serious illnesses (Cushing's, two bad heart valves, chf) , in which I tried so hard to give her the best care. Unfortunately our little Apple Salad was taken from us on December 13, 2006. I miss her so much and I can only hope that I brought as much joy, love and happiness to her that she brought to all of us. You'll forever remain in my heart pretty girl.

Love, Mom, Dad, Taz, Sweetie and Merlin

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