Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/24/15 Tango [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 23] is an 8-year-old, chocolate male who was surrendered by a Military family because they are being shipped out. He is crate trained and does well as far as housetraining goes. Tango gets along with the other dogs in his foster home and is an outgoing and friendly guy. He has very curly hair and has been well taken care of. Tango will soon be going into a foster home where he can get a little more one on one attention. More information will follow shortly.

Update from Tango's Foster Mom: This sweet boy is longing for his forever family. He gets along fine with his foster siblings, but I suspect he would love to be an only dog. He sits next to you and will stare at you until you give him pets. He loves to cuddle with humans and will often roll over at your feet so you will rub his belly. He loves to play with dog toys, especially balls. He has more energy than the younger dogs in the foster home. He absolutely loves his daily walk. He will make a wonderful companion.

Update from Tango's Foster Mom: This cutie has really made himself at home here in his foster home. He is happiest when he is laying close to his foster siblings or staring up at the humans in the household looking for some love. I have never had a foster dog that is so in need of being so close to you - he is a real cuddler. He continues to amuse himself with toys. When on our daily walk, he tends to bark at dogs that are larger than he is. I still have a difficult time believing that this fella is 8 years old. t2