In Loving Memory of Taz


From email 11/9/2009

In February 2000, we lost one of our cockers, and when we were ready to get another one, I was looking in the paper and came across the SCR ad. We decided this would be the way to go, and my husband spotted Taz on their web site. The foster family came to meet us and his new sister. He was so skinny, had no hair on his snout or his little tail, (which they said was related to stress). We knew he had to stay with us, and then when I was signing the adoption papers, I noticed we shared the same birthday. FATE, It was meant to be!!! At first he was such a scardey little boy, afraid of every sight and sound. Well.............. that was nine years ago, but with all the love, patience, and kindness we gave him he was a completely different dog! He was such a sweet boy, full of kissies and very smart. When it was time to clean his ears, (which somehow he always knew, I must give off some vibe), he would hop on Daddy's lap, and that would be his "safe" zone, and when Daddy wasn't there, he would go on his chair, and knew I couldn't get him. He would look at me and I could tell he was saying, "ha ha, you can't touch me". It was truly comical. When our second cocker left us we again went to SCR and adopted Cyndi in 2005. Taz was her buddy, he showed her all the ropes, how to go potty outside, how to go outside as soon as Mommy lays down on the couch, how to get Mommy to get to give them a treat or a nice body massage. But today our hearts our deeply saddened that we had to put him to sleep last week, we think due to heart issues or a stroke. He was having problems for over a week, wouldn't get up to go outside, wouldn't eat, and pretty much was just laying there. We tried a few different things, but in the end he did not eat or eliminate himself for three days, and we knew it was time to say goodbye. Cyndi is lost without him, as are her Doggy Parents. When we are ready, hopefully, sooner than later we will adopt a brother and companion for Cyndi. We take comfort knowing that Taz was so loved these past nine years, and we feel truly blessed to have had him in our lives. We will miss you little Buddy!!

Lisa, Bob, and Cyndi Sterling

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