Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 08/09/2021 - It is with a broken heart that I write this email. On May 22, 2010, Tiffany101, known by us as Tiffany McVicker, joined our home. Tiffany quickly learned she was a princess and could do no wrong! We have loved her for 11+ years!

About 2 years ago, Tiffany began passing out and urinating in her sleep. I learned she had a bad heart (pulmonary hypertension). We were warned she could have sudden death at any time. We began her on cardiac medications and for two years, Tiffany has had a great, energetic, full of love life!

Last night, she was being her crazy self! Jumping, running, playing! My daughter carried her upstairs (the stairs up to the bedrooms were just a bit too much for her so my daughter has carried her upstairs for over a year), we tucked her into my bed where she slept every night and gave her a kiss.

For years, Tiffany has gotten up with me every weekday at 0500. Today she didn't. Tiffany died in her sleep last night. We are absolutely heartbroken and the tears just keep flowing. But Tiffany's heart is healed and she is without a doubt in Heaven.

From her bio: Tiffany [ADOPTED MAY 22] is a 3-year-old, black and white female who was surrendered to a shelter since the owner was laid off. She was matted to the skin and did have to be shaved down. Tiffany would love to have an owner who will take her for walks. She is cratetrained and house trained and has lots of energy. She gets along with her foster siblings and lived with a cat in her previous home.

Update from Tiffany's Foster Mom: Tiffany has been in her new foster home for a week now and we're quickly discovering what a real treasure she is!! She is housetrained, has not had one accident since she arrived and has not been crate since her first night here other than at her meal times. She taught herself how to use the doggy door by watching ours but doesn't seem to grasp the true intent for it yet. Right now, she's viewing it as a way to get to me if I'm outside and she's not, or to get back into the house if I'm in there. Tiffany very much LOVES her people and wants to be whereever they are. She's very much a lap dog and lays back in the crook of your arm for belly and chest rubs. Loves to have her throat scratched like a cat. Tiffay is the type of gal who wants her human to keep her company while going outside to take care of business and goes out and comes back in the human door to do that.

She's started playing with toys that live in our backyard and is chasing tennis balls with ours. This girl is such a hoot!!! She loves chasing the birds away. Will jump up into the air or stand on her hind legs to check trees out for any that may be hiding there. She's joined our Trinket with chasing butterflies as well. I have no doubts that she'll be chasing after fireflies as soon as they start coming out. This girl comes on the fly when called and has a very high desire to please. She'd be a good canidate for flyball or agility training as well as for therapy dog training. She asks for so little... All this happy, sweet girl wants is at least one human to love.