Wrigley 161


Passed over teh Rainbow Bridge 11/10/2016.

Hi I’ m Wrigley. At least that’s the name these people gave me because I don’t remember my real name. I’m not sure how old I am, but they told me I’m about 11 yrs. old. Wow! That’s hard to believe!

I don’t remember how I got loose, but I walked and walked and couldn’t find my home. Some people picked me up and told me that they would try to find my family. I waited and waited but my family never came. That made me so very sad – I don’t know what I did wrong.

Then this cocker rescue picked me up. Some nice lady took me home and gave me a very badly needed manicure, bath and hair cut and boy did I need that! My nails were so long and curled under and my fur had gotten so tangled that I could hardly walk! And now I love to go for walks! I can feel a little stiff at times, but other times I feel like a young pup and get excited and run around and wiggle my butt, especially when my human comes home.
Sometimes I can see that my foster mom is talking to me and I try, but I can’t really hear her. She usually touches me or claps her hands to get my attention - I can hear that - then she shows me what she wants me to do. My foster brother and sister are very nice and I just follow them around. Besides that, I can’t see like I used to! I get eye drops 2 times a day and that feels so good. This getting old is a bummer!

But the hardest part of getting old is not having a family any more. I’m a happy fellow and love people and other dogs. I’m a very easy to get along with and like everyone I meet! I have lots of love to give and when you pet me, I’ll roll over for belly rubs!
I really hope I’ll find a new home soon! It would be great if there would be someone who could let me outside about every 4 or 5 hours and I promise that I’ll go into my crate for the night if you just give me a little “token”of appreciation. Will I see you soon??