In Loving Memory of Zeus081

Went to Rainbow Bridge on September 25, 2009

Hi Deb + Lynne,

I'm sad to inform you that Zeus passed away this morning :(

His heart started giving out on Wednesday and he was just running out of steam. Our vet tried dialing up his meds, but it was just his time. He had run out of energy, was having a tough time even keeping water down, and was uninterested in food, which is very unlike him (as I'm sure you remember). It was just his time, and we're all very sad for him. Luckily it happened quickly and he did not seem to be in much pain. He's been living on borrowed time since December, and I hope that his final months were as special for him as they were for us. It was lucky coincidence for him that he got to take a trip to the dog park (his favorite place) on Monday. He was very loved and will be dearly missed by all of us.

Jeff, Jennie and Kira

I want to add a little note here.

Zeus was adopted from SCR in 1998 and returned to rescue at the age of 11. When he returned to rescue he weighed 62 lbs and could barely move. He was put on a weight reduction plan and was down to 54 lbs when he was adopted on May 11, 2008 by a very loving couple in Madison who had previously adopted one of my fosters Kira (Angel062).

It was my pleasure to spend time with Kira and Zeus this July. This boy could steal your heart in a New York Minute and he did get a piece of mine. His family got the rest of his weight off by the time I had them in July and it was very obvious that he felt so much better. He loved running around in and exploring everything in my backyard. He had very keen eyesight and just a bit of a naughty side that did endear him even more. He stole a piece of peanutbutter toast off my table and made it disappear in a flash, so was still very quick if people food was a motive. I am so very grateful that I had the time with him and that I got the chance to get to know this wonderful boy. Jeff, Zeus and Kira just attended Wigglebutt Walk 2009 two weeks ago so I had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with him again. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy!!!

Thank you so much for everything that you did for Zeus, Jeff and Jennie!! He loved you both so much.


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