Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Inc.

WI License Number:  267260-DS

Supporting Shorewood Cocker Rescue

There are several ways to help us: Fostering, Voluteering, Donations, Shopping at some of your favorite stores and through Internet searches
Foster Homes are always needed. If you think you can helf with fostering please check out our Foster Home page.
Volunteering can be rewarding and helpful. Please come to one of our events to meet other volunteers and learn more.

Searching the Internet?

Raising money for Shorewood at the same time

  Shop to you drop (without leaving your home). We have two ways for you to shop online and Shorewood receives a donation from the retailer (be sure to select Shorewood Cocker Rescue as your charity)

Use Good Search everytime you search the internet and Shorewood receives a donation. Be sure to select Shorewood Cocker Rescue as your charity at Good Search's home page



Amazon Smile:Thousands of items sold on Amazon have the Amazon Smile by them. When you register Shorewood as your charity each time you purchase an Amazon Smile item Shorewood receives a cash donation.

amazon smile

You can also help us generate funds for SCR by taking a few minutes to register at I Give.Com. When registering, in the "Keyword Search" type Shorewood. Up to 26% of each purchase you make online at over 818 fine stores, goes directly to help Shorewood. Best of all there is no additional cost to you!


Donations are very much needed and appreciated! To make a donation using Pay Pal just click on the button below.

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